Possible reasons for delay in Pregnancy

Why is there a delay in Conceiving?- Infertility or Planned Postponing

Rohit works for a multinational company as a software developer. He works 14-16 hours in a day, gorges on junk food which has resulted in him becoming overweight. He works night shifts and sleeps 4-5 hours during daytime. His wife, Kavita, is an ambitious brand executive. She works day shift, tours 15 days a month, and eats junk foods. The couple have their individual career aspirations, and have stressful work. They meet only on weekends, and rarely spend time together. Initially they used contraceptives to prevent pregnancy. When they decided to have baby, they could not conceive, even after six months of unprotected sex. Is it infertility?

This is a common scenario today, thanks to the urban lifestyle coupled with the lack of awareness about sexuality and pregnancy. If the couple are unable to conceive, it does not necessarily mean that they are infertile; they may be simply unaware of the best time to conceive.