How does i-know Help?

A woman trying to get pregnant suffers confusion and anguish with each passing month when she is not able to conceive. i-know is an ovulation test kit. It is a category creator, being the 1st such product to be launched in the Indian market. A woman's chances of getting pregnant are highest on 2 days of any month - the time when she ovulates. i-know detects these 2 days with 99% accuracy.

To learn all about ovulation, how iKnow helps and detailed instructions of using it watch the video below.



Key ingredients

i-know is an LH surge detection kit that identifies the LH surge in a woman's body and indicates the days when she will ovulate 12-24 hours in advance.

Pack Size

Each pack of i-know contains 5 single use ovulation detection strips.


1 pack: Rs.499/-