Preparing your Body for Pregnancy

Natural ways of Boosting your Fertility

If you are a couple, trying hard to conceive, wouldn’t you feel excited to know that there are methods, natural and safe, to boost up your fertility, and help you conceive. Read through, to know more.

  • Foods that improve Fertility

  • Lifestyle changes that my boost up Fertility

  • Expert Advice- 10 tips to get Pregnant easily

It is of utmost importance to achieve and maintain a healthy weight to keep your reproductive cycle in balance. Every healthcare provider will advise the women to check their BMI (body mass index) score. A BMI ranking of 19-24 indicates a healthy weight (athletes may have higher scores due to muscle mass). Anything below or above that range should be discussed with your health care provider.

Does changing your dietary habits help you improve fertility?

Recently, researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health proved that more than 18,000 women who ate foods containing higher amounts of trans fats, animal proteins and carbohydrates, among other dietary factors, were more likely to have an ovulatory disorder. Ovulation problems cause infertility in about 20 percent of women trying to conceive.

Foods to improve ovulation

  • Protein sources: Replace some of the beef, pork or chicken you eat (animal protein) with vegetable protein sources, such as cooked dried beans and nuts.
  • Have high-fat dairy: The more low-fat dairy products you eat, the greater is the risk of ovulatory infertility. Instead, try replacing one low-fat dairy such as ice-cream serving per day with one high-fat serving, such as a glass of whole milk.
  • Take vitamins: Women who took iron supplements and multivitamins containing folic acid regularly had less ovulation-related infertility.

Some more tips:

  • Note on choline: Choline has a potential to reduce harmful gene effects during birth. It is also important for brain function. Egg yolks, beef liver and cauliflower are a rich source of choline.
  • Vitamins: Fertility problems may be due to the male partner's weight or diet. Vitamins C and E, zinc and folic acid help improve sperm health.
  • Fish: Avoid eating sushi or any raw fish. Do not take fish that have high mercury content due to their environment including tilefish, king mackerel, swordfish, and shark.
  • Fluid intake: Drinking enough water prevents the sluggishness of your cervical fluid. Therefore, drink enough water so that your urine is a light yellow color.
  • Caffeine: High caffeine intake interferes with conception as it crosses the placenta affecting the fetus and even miscarriage. Do not have more than two five-ounce cups of regular coffee a day.

The following tips on diet and lifestyle from the experts help women safeguard their fertility.

Nutritional status assessment
A nutritional therapist will assess your level of vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and advise you on a suitable diet plan of food supplements to bring your nutrient levels back to normal.

Cut out incorrect fats
Not all fats are bad. The body needs essential fats - namely Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils - which are contained in oily fish such as salmon, sardines, herrings and mackerel. Conversely, hydrogenated oils and partially-hydrogenated oils and saturated fats are to be avoided, as they block the absorption of the essential fats. Therefore, it is better to read the labels on food products before buying.

No smoking
Smoking causes high levels of cadmium, a toxic metal, in the blood, which depletes the body of zinc. Smoking is associated with early onset of menopause in women and reduced sperm count in men.

Minimize alcohol and caffeine
Many studies showed that the more you drink alcohol, the less likely you are to conceive. Caffeine (even one coffee a day) significantly reduces your chances of conceiving.

However healthily you eat and live, the most important element is sex. But not every night. Sex is best undertaken once every 48 hours, so as to maintain the high quality of the sperm.

Good Nutrition
According to a 1995 National Food Survey, nine out of 10 people are grossly deficient in the essential mineral, zinc. This is because of depletion of the soil due to intensive farming and due to an extensive process of refining. Wheat, for example, contains zinc, but 80 per cent is removed in the manufacture of bread to extend its shelf life. A good nutrition is the foundation of fertility. Mangoes, pumpkin seed, fish and oysters are particularly high in zinc.

Therefore, natural herbs, a proper diet, and lifestyle changes will make a person super-healthy and come out of the problem of infertility when under the guidance of a certified medical practitioner.

  1. Enjoy regular sex
    This is the most important tip to get pregnant easily. Have sex regularly or at the least three times a week. Keep a track of ovulation period.

    If you have a 28 day cycle, you generally may ovulate between 11 to 14 days from the start of your menstrual cycle. Keep a track of your ovulation days by using an ovulation kit and have sex during these days. Especially if your periods are irregular, use ovulation prediction kit will help you detect your fertile period. This kit helps you to determine the exact period of ovulation. This may increase your chances of getting pregnant. Work smart by recording the track of ovulation period and expect fruitful results.
  2. Be a stress-free bird….
    One of the causes of not being able to conceive successfully could be stress.
    Stay happy . Stay relaxed.. Leading a stress-free life may ease the chances of getting pregnant easily.
  3. Your partner’s health may delay your pregnancy
    Your partner’s health is as important as yours. .
  4. Maintain your body weight
    Maintain average body weight and calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index) regularly. Your BMI should not be less than 20 or more than 25.

    So, maintain healthy body weight and become healthy parent.
  5. Manage your diet
    Eat healthy. Decorate your diet plate with colorful vegetables and fruits. Increase zinc and folic acid supplements in your diet.

    So eat well, conceive well.
  6. Perform regular exercise
    Exercise may help you a lot if you are overweight. Exercise more, stay fit and conceive easily.