Increasing the chances of becoming pregnant

Increasing the chances of becoming pregnant

dos & don'ts to conceive

First, you should be clear about the span of your menstrual cycle. A woman having regular menses is usually fertile in the 11-16 days of her menstrual cycle. You should focus on having sex in this window period in order to conceive. Avoid using contraceptives. You are most likely to get pregnant if you have intercourse three days before ovulation.

Ovulation is the period when your ovary releases an ovum or egg. You can determine the ovulation by different methods. Basal body temperature method is based on the fact that the body temperature drops 12-24 hours before an egg is released from the ovary and then starts increasing gradually once egg is released. You should take your body temperature every morning before you get out of bed. You can also check the signs of ovulation by cervical mucus method. Your cervical mucus will be thin, watery and slippery when you are fertile. Ovulation kits such as i-know helps to determine your ovulation time and thus optimizes your chance of getting pregnant.

Being underweight or overweight may delay your pregnancy. You should exercise regularly to maintain a healthy weight. This reduces stress and improves blood flow to your reproductive organs.

Drinking too much coffee may affect your fertility. Moderate caffeine consumption such as having one or two cups of coffee is fine. Eat red, green, and yellow vegetables and fruits, as they are rich in phytochemicals and anti-oxidants. Avoid animal proteins and eat plant proteins to increase fertility. Consult your healthcare provider and use vitamin supplements that provide all the key nutrients that you require to get pregnant.

Exposure to heat sources, wearing tight fitting clothes, and placing the mobile phones near testicles may reduce the sperm production and motility. Smoking too reduces sperm production. Drinking alcohol more than two drinks per week reduces fertility. If you do not have sex for more than one week, it affects the sperm count adversely and sperm motility decreases. Having sex everyday may cause stress in you and your partner. You can have sex on alternate days to increase the rate of pregnancy. Avoid lubricants that have spermicidal agents because they decrease sperm motility.

Do not go to bathroom after having sex, lay on bed for 15-20minutes, and keep a pillow under the hips, so that sperm moves into the uterus. Just relax to reduce stress and wait for the positive result.