What is i-can?

i-can is one step pregnancy test device.It is a simple method to confirm if you are pregnant.

What is the MRP of i-can?

MRP. Rs.50/- (INR) Each pack of i-can contains 1 single use pregnancy detection strip.

Where can I buy i-can?

i-can is available at any chemist/ pharmacy outlets near you

How do I use i-can?

i-can is a pregnancy testing kit to confirm on pregnancy. It's simple & easy to use:
a). Take out the test device from the pouch just before you take the test, do not keep it in open for a long period of time. Place it on a flat surface.
b).Collect urine sample with dropper.
c). Drop exactly 3 full drops of your urine sample on the 'S' mark on the result window.
d). Result: (How do I know the result?)
i). If single line appears on 'C' it shows test is NEGATIVE and you are not pregnant
ii). If two lines appear on the test card one on 'C' and one on 'T' confirms test is POSITIVE and you are pregnant.
iii). If No lines appear test is not done correctly, please repeat the test with fresh kit to confirm the same.

Where to drop the urine on the test card to know the result?

Take out the test card from the envelope and place it on flat surface, take fresh urine sample (3 full drops) with the dropper and drop it on the 'S' mark on the test card to know the results of your pregnancy.
  • One line at 'C' signifies : Negative (Not pregnant)
  • Two lines at 'C' & 'T' signify : Positive (Pregnant)
  • If No lines appear test is not done correctly, please repeat to confirm the same.

When should the test be performed?

Preferably first urine sample of the day

How accurate is the test?/ Do I need to consult the doctor for confirming the results?

The test is accurate, however you can get a confirmed pregnancy diagnosis from doctor.

Can I take two tests at a time in case I did not use the first device correctly?

Yes, you can take two tests one after the another with fresh devices.

Any precautions to be take before taking the test?

Few precautions to be taken before the taking the test:

1. Avoid excessive intake of liquids prior to collection of the sample as it can dilute the hormone level in urine, leading to inaccuracy of the test.
2. Infertility drugs containing hCG (human Chronic Gonadotropin) will interfere with the accuracy of the result.

What is hCG?

It is a hormone (human Chronic Ganodotropin) that detects pregnancy and confirms that you are pregnant.